4 Bow Bimini Top BEIGE 7 Sizes

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8'L x 54"H x 54"-60"W
8'L x 54"H x 61"-66"W
8'L x 54"H x 67"-72"W
8'L x 54"H x 73"-78"W
8'L x 54"H x 79"-84"W
8'L x 54"H x 85"-90"W
8'L x 54"H x 91"-96"W

Package List:

1* Bimini Top Canopy

2 * 4 Bow Tubes

4 * Crossbars

1 * Bimini Top Color Cordinated Storage Boot

1 * Assembly Instruction Paper

1 * Bimini Top Hardware Box


About this item

  • Made of marine-grade 600D polyester fabric.Double overlapped stitching.
  • All stainless steel mounting hardwares,color coordinated zippered storage boot and assemble instructions included.
  • 1'' diameter aluminum frame with double-walled main bow legs for maximum strength and free quick release mounts.4 adjustable nylon straps for the front and the rear.
  • 12 optional fabric colors(There are 2 colors that are two tone):Light Grey, Pacific Blue, Burgundy,Navy Blue,Dark Grey,Green,White,Teal,Black,Sand.Navy Blue/White.Grey/White.
  • 7 different sizes are available:8'L x 54"H x 54"-60"W & 8'L x 54"H x 61"-66"W & 8'L x 54"H x 67"-72"W & 8'L x 54"H x 73"-78"W & 8'L x 54"H x 79"-84"W & 8'L x 54"H x 85"-90"W & 8'L x 54"H x 91"-96"W.

Hardware Box Contains

2 x Thumb Screw

2 x Nylon Deck Mount

4 x Stainless Steel Screw

12 x Self Tapping Screw

6 x Bolt SS316

8 x Hexagonal Nut SS316

4 x Straps with Stainless Steel Hook & Webbing Adjuster

1. Color coordinated zippered storage bag is included.

2.Made of 600D Polyester Canvas

3.Made from 1'' diameter bright anodized aluminum frame with double-walled main bow legs for maximum strength.

4.Assemble instructions included.

5.Straps: 4 x adjustable straps for the front and back.

How to measure your boat for a bimini top?

1. Using a tape measure,decide which length top provides the desired amount of shade coverage to your boat.

2. The pivotal mounting point will be approximately at the center point of the top on each side of your boat.

3. After determining where the pivotal mount location will be on each side of the boat, measure the distance beteewn these mounting points to determine the width you need.

4.While standing inside the boat, measure from the pivotal mounting point straight up to determine the desired height.

Note: The max speed of your boat is 25MPH when the bimini top opened.



Carefully consider the size that you need when selecting your bimini top. The mounting point you choose will impact the size of frame you need, the position of the top, and the shade it will provide.

WIDTH: Determine where you want the mounting points to be because this will set the width of the frame. Keep in mind that this will also determine which part of the boat gets shade. It will also set the position of the top when it is folded up and not in use.

LENGTH: After you have chosen the mounting point and determined the width, then the length of the top will determine which part of the boat receives shade and how much coverage is available.

HEIGHT: Consider the primary use of the bimini to select the proper height of the frame. Do you want to be able to stand under it? Fish under it? Measure upward from the selected mounting point while standing on the deck to get a feel for how much room you will have once the bimini is installed.

Note: The max speed of your boat is 25MPH when the bimini  top opened.


  • Leader Accessories Bimini Tops is pleased to offer a wide variety of bimini top options that are sure to suit your needs.
  • Boat Bimini frames are available in widths from 54" to 84" and come in a round tube 3 bow style.
  • Canvas tops are available in marine-grade 600D polyester is offered in a wide variety of colors with an available stripe option.


  • All of our 3 bow boat biminis are 6' long 46" Height
  • Widths vary from 54" to 84"
  • Our 4 bow boat biminis are 8' long 54" Height
  • Widths vary from 54" to 96"


    • Provides protection from sun and rain with high quality material
    • Allows for an open view for all passengers and drivers
    • It is convenient to put up or down, as well as easy to store
    • Protects the boat from sun rays, extending the life of the boat's interior
    • Provides protection while still allowing for great circulation
    • Easy assembly and storage allows boaters to quickly put the top down if they want to go faster or easily put the top back up if they want to cruise at leisure
    • While in use rear poles provide superior support for the bimini frame and allows the top to be stored out of the way