Newly Upgraded Car Covers – On Christmas Sale

Newly Upgraded Car Covers – On Christmas Sale


A high-quality car cover is one of the essential accessories for your car. Because a car cover will keep the paint from sun damage and getting scratched and the inside from getting dirty and cracking, a car cover will also keep your car clean and dry when it's snowing or raining in winter. 

High-quality car covers are usually quite expensive. But, as you know, the Christmas sale starts in the very last days of November. This is a great opportunity to spend some money to protect your car because you can get quality covers for less. In this article, we will tell you about the features of some of the best newly upgraded car covers you can buy at the Christmas sale at discounted prices.


Side Zipper Car Covers

" I got the aluminum look with side door access zipper. Fits perfect! "

Side zipper car covers are quite easy to put on and take off. It comes in different sizes so you can get it according to your car. Their zipper positions can also be different; it is up to you whether you choose a cover with the zipper near the door or the one near the bonnet. A zipper car cover also may have more than one zipper.

Usually, a side zipper car cover has a zipper on the driver's side that makes it easy to get in and out. You can also get into the car in case it's already covered. The upgraded versions of the side zipper car cover come with a double waterproof layer, and there are also stripes on the cover that light up at night. So people can see the shape of your car and avoid hitting it.

side zipper

Windproof System 2.0

"Buckle straps front and rear for great hold down."

Newly upgraded windproof car covers are specially designed for windy conditions. These covers have stretchy fabric, buckles that stay in place, and windproof straps on the back and front. Front and rear straps with buckle to protect your car cover in heavy wind from blowing off. They stand out clearly, and you can remove and change them quickly.


Ultra Waterproof Car Cover

“Rained overnight and rain did not penetrate this cover. ”

The main purpose of covering the car is to protect it from rainwater so that its color is not damaged. So, the upgraded car covers have a special high-density polyurethane coating. It protects your car from getting damaged by rainwater. So, you should choose an ultra-waterproof cover for your car with multiple layers. These covers also prevent damage from bird droppings, heat, and acid rain. 

Easy Storage

You will not just throw away the car cover once you use it. Instead, when you don't need the cover, you have to fold it and store it safely so that you can easily take it out and put it on the car whenever you need it. So, there should be a bag with a car cover for easy storage. All the newly upgraded car covers come with a high-quality storage bag to store your car cover by folding it.



Newly upgraded car covers are quite expensive than traditional car covers. But, this time of year, when Christmas sales are on, you can buy a high-quality cover for your car for less. The best car cover should have one or more zippers to put and take off easily, be waterproof to prevent rainwater, windproof so that the winds cannot blow it up, and be a high-quality bag for easy storage.

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