Exercise Ball
Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

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  • PREMIUM ECO-FRIENDLT MATERIAL: Being constructed with high quality non-toxic PVC material, the professional fitness ball is remarkably resilient, won’t pop up or be distorted. This Yoga ball comes with everything you need: Measuring Tape, Plug Tools and Manual Pump.
  • HIGH ANTI-BURST RATING: The exercise ball can withstand loads of weight, passing through rigorous test. It deliver excellent resistance to sharp objects so it won’t pop like a balloon even punctured.
  • ANTI-SLIP MATTE SURFACE: The non-slip ridges on the ball make it easy to grip. The patterns on the surface show how to use it explicitly.
  • VARIETY OF FUNCTIONS: It can increase cardio endurance and alike to increase cardio endurance, balance and flexibility as an exercise ball and enhance breathing, circulation and pelvic muscle as a birthing ball. Moreover, it also can be used as desk chair to improve posture and relieve back pain.
  • THREE SIZE OPTIONS:55CM, 65CM, 75CM sizes are available. Our sizing chart helps you to choose the right size for exercise routine or as a desk chair, matching your intended use.