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A pop up canopy is an outdoor tent which can be folded for easy transport. If you are looking for a temporary shelter where you can market your merchandise outdoors, then a pop up canopy is a good option. You probably know about the wedding tents which cannot be used for small activities like selling hot dogs outdoors. A pop canopy is a lightweight and portable shelter which can be used during the summer or winter. This is possible because the top of most pop up tents is designed to block 99 percent of UV rays. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your outdoor event getting ruined during hot summer days, because a pop up tent will block out the sunlight and provide a cool shade. In addition, pop up canopy are waterproof or water resistant, making them ideal for rainy days.

Pop up canopy come in sizes of 5 x 5 to 10 x 10. Typically, a 10 x 10 pop up canopy shelters 100 square feet of space and if you have an outdoor event like a family gathering, it can sit up to 15 people. Pop up canopy has a steel frame which is powder coated. This makes it possible to use the pop up canopy outdoors for several years without getting eroded by corrosion or rust. In addition, the frame of a pop up canopy can be quickly collapsed and expanded by just pulling and pushing. A pop up canopy will save you time because it is easy to set up compared to the more traditional tents. With a pop up canopy it can easily pop up so that you can go on with your outdoor activities. You don’t have to hire a specialist to help you install a pop up canopy like you would do with a wedding tent. You can easily set it up with a one helping hand and you are ready to get on with your street festival within minutes. If you are looking to take it down, you simply need to contract the frame into its original length, and take off the top. Most pop up canopy come with a storage bag where you can fit it inside for easy transport.

Pop up canopy come in different style and sizes which makes it challenging to choose the right one. Before you buy a pop up canopy, it is important you know its intended purpose. This will help you know which size of pop up canopy you should go for. The most common sizes are 5 x 5 canopy, 8 x 8 canopy, 9 x 9 canopy, 10 x 10 canopy. Therefore, if you are buying a pop canopy for barbecues it cannot be the same size as a shelter for a family picnic. The next thing you need to consider is the material used to construct the canopy. The frame of a pop up canopy is usually made of either aluminium or steel. If you are the kind that will be travelling a lot, then you should consider the one that is made of aluminium frames. They are lightweight and makes it super easy to set up on your own. However, if you plan to use your pop up canopy during windy or rainy days, then you should choose the one that is made of steel since it’s heavier.

There are many brands in the market today which sells pop canopy to customers. However, not all of them do the same job. Before you purchase one, it is important you look at the features and performance of the pop canopy compared to similar types. Choosing the right type of pop up canopy can be very helpful for your temporary shelter at home, in the streets or anywhere else. Enjoy your summer under a pop up canopy!