3. Wetsuits
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Men's 5mm Black/Aqua Blue/Gray Wetsuit for Scuba Diving Fullsuit Jumpsuit

Black/Aqua Blue/Gray


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About Products:
  • Color: Black/Aqua Blue/Gray.
  • Zips on neck, wrists and ankles openings for ultimate comfort and easy dress and undress.
  • Full suits are made of heavy 5 mm neoprene laminated with nylon.
  • Ring seal layer for wrists and ankles to minimize water entry.
Size Chart:
  • Size S: 50-79kg Weight, 36.5''-38.5'' Chest, 29''-31'' Waist, 34''-36'' Hips, 5'8''-5'10'' Height
  • Size M: 65.8-77.1kg Weight, 38.5''-40.5'' Chest, 30.5''-32.5'' Waist, 35.5''-37.5'' Hips, 5'9''-5'11'' Height
  • Size L: 68-81.7kg Weight, 40.5''-42.5'' Chest, 32.5''-34.5'' Waist, 37.5''-39.5'' Hips, 5'10''-6' Height
  • Size XL: 74.9-88.5kg Weight, 42.5''-44.5'' Chest, 34.5''-36.5'' Waist, 39.5''-41.5'' Hips, 5'11''-6'1'' Height
  • Size XXL: 84-97.6kg Weight, 44.5''-46.5'' Chest, 36.5''-38.5'' Waist, 41.5''-43.5'' Hips, 6' -6'2'' Height
Care and Maintenance:
  • Clean your wetsuit after every use. Hand wash it in fresh water and hang it up to air dry, out of direct sunlight. Never put your wetsuit in a washing machine or dryer. Avoid exposure to harsh detergents or chemicals. Sunlight will cause fading to the fabric.